May 28, 2004


School is almost over and summer is just beginning. This year has gone by fast dunno why though. Feels like yesterday that it was the first day of school and now its almost finals time. Time really flies by when you think school is gonna suck.

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May 27, 2004


Mad Props and mucho thanks to Madfish Willie for fixing the template!

Yay! for him!!

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May 26, 2004

It's Been A While

Wow, haven't written here for a while. I was looking on my other blog server today and I noticed a familiar name. The aim was there and when I IM'd the person I found out that I knew them and that they're in a bunch of my classes. It's truly a technological world when you find a class mate's blog out of so many others.

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Man o man, I had a pretty cool day. Met someone new. They were cool. I hung out at the mall with them and a few other people until they all decided to go to someone's house. I didn't feel like going so I walked home instead. It's not too bad of a walk, but it is rather boring.

I can't wait until I get my license. I could've had it March 14th, but I still needed another 36 1/2 hours of driving then. Now(passing from 2 to 3 months later), I only need 30! Woohoo, I'll have my license in 3 years at this rate. (I did the math)

Anyways, I had a gifted education seminar today, it was great. We've been talking about Einstein's theory of relativity and the whole speed of light stuff. It's really awesome. I wrote down the name of three books I want to check out. They are all by a college professor named Carl Sagan. One of the books is a fiction novel that I believe was turned into a movie. It's called "Contact." The other two books I want to check out are "Dragon of the Earth" and "Cosmos." He wrote all of them.

I believe "Dragon of the Earth" has to deal with the brain and it's different functions. And "Cosmos" has to deal with all of his different theories. Carl Sagan is two years dead now, but while he was alive he was a college professor at a school in the US. He helped design three different vehicles for space travel at speeds near the speed of light. One used nuclear fission and "putted" along using the blasts to give it giant bursts of energy. That idea was trashed once the treaty was signed banning the explosion of nuclear devices in space. The next one used nuclear fusion, taking the energy harness from that to go along. The last, and most recent, used a giant scoop to collect hydrogen atoms from space and harness the energy from that to go along. The entire topic makes me all giddy inside with joy. It uses my mind in ways school could never hope to accomplish. I am glad that I got into the gifted education program in elementary school. All due to my curiosity, go me!

Anyways, with that thought, I'm out. Peace.

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Template is getting better

But still has a few kinks. Any help would be welcome.

UPDATE: My poor comment window! I don't know what happened! WHAAA!

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My Frustration Is Mounting

And all my frustration is aimed at the lovely boys and girls who are listed on the left.

There are nine authors to this blog, and none of them actually have written anything! Some of them haven't given me their bio and links yet posted, and some of the others have given me their bio with out posting!

I am determined to get this blog up and running, and I want it to be a good blog. Therefore I'm going to add new authors yet again. Its open to anyone that is either A) A student or under the age of 20, or B) Work with teens/kids a lot.

Anyone that wants to apply can, email me at mookie -at- with the words Application in the subject. I can garantee 99% of the people will not be turned down. When you send the email please provide your 50-100 word bio, links, and Email addy that you want shown on the screen.

As for the current authors that arn't doing anything, they all have on week as of today to post. If they do not post I'm taking down their bio (if they have one) and are losing their account. I have been badgering them for weeks now to post, and they arn't. So I'm going to find people that will.

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May 25, 2004

Suicide Chump*

This is a song by Frank Zappa.

You say there ainít no use in liviní
Itís all a waste of time
ín you wanna throw your life away, well
People thatís just fine
Go ahead on ín get it over with then
Find you a bridge ín take a jump
Just make sure you do it right the first time
ícause nothinís worse than a suicide

You say there ainít no light a-shininí
Through the bushes up ahead
ín weíre all gonna be so sorry
When we find out you are dead
Go head on and get it over with then
Find you a bridge ín take a jump
Just make sure you do it right the first
ícause nothinís worse than a suicide

Now maybe youíre scared of jumpiní
ín poison makes you sick
ín you want a little attention
ín you need it pretty quick
Donít wanna mess your face up
Or we wonít know if itís you
Aw thereís just so much to worry about
Now what you gonna do?

Go head on ín get it over with then
Go head on ín get it over with then
Go head on ín get it over with then
Go head on ín get it over with then

Youíre on the bridge;
Scared to leap,
But a girl walks over
To take a peep...
She says: donít do it!
But wouldnít you know...
The girl got a head
Like a buffalo
With a little red hair
All over the top
Aní her breath would make the
Traffic stop
She says I love you...
But first, letís eat!
And all you can say as you run down the

*I do not in any way encourage Suicide... But if there is humor to found in suicide, I will seize it an laugh.

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Fuse is my favorite TV station, its a music channel thats the totally opposite MTV and VH1. And its the opposite for one reason-they actually play Music Videos! and have a cool metal bird that farts... he he

Anyway, they got a blog- A FUSEBlog... And yours truely has posted and gotten links from them.

So Its time for me to start cracking the whip on the other FYF members and possibly deleting some of their accounts. Because face it, if this blog is to go anywhere, people actually have to post! I've been hesitant to post here because I don't want just another Mookie Blog, but I guess I'll have to until theres others. Woot!

I'm wired.

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May 18, 2004

So so lazy....

I can't believe how lazy I am. I have had about two weeks and more then enough in class time both in the classroom and in the computer lab to work on my english research paper. I haven't done anything. I got one printout of information and highlighted the important things and that is it. It was due yesterday, I didn't got to school. I had all of yesterday and all of today and what did I accomplish, well, I caught up on some sleep with a little three hour cat nap today, what else..... hah, you thought there was more. Nope, thats it, I've slept and wasted the rest of my time on the computer or hanging out with friends. May the powers above smite me for what I have done! Actually, I'm probably going to fail English 10 this year. That sucks. Oh well, peace. Bye.

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May 11, 2004

Something Something Something

      Wellas you all know, prom is upon us. Hide away the kids and arm yourselfs, preppy people with expinsive clothes are coming out of hiding to flaunt what they don't have and everyone else is.. well.. egging the preps ^_^ . God.. this week has been sooo boring. Having to wake up early and everything. No one posting here.... I though that I'd break the silence with a 'lil thingamabobber... My vocab is shot.. need to conserve brain power for research paper in english >.< D@|\/|\| dirty Loflin... making us work and stuff... If anyone can help me with my paper feel free to help me. I'm writing about the Hypocrasy in the Catholic church (snicker). Yea, I know.. real hard, but it really is. All because I need sources of information. The main topic is the origins of the church, but anything close to that would be awesome! Well anyways, start posting!

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May 04, 2004


Heya people! What's up? I saw The Punisher last night and it was awesome! For anyone that is afraid of blood and is disturbed by gruesome images, DO NOT WATCH The Punisher! It was a great movie, I love the fact that the hero is as merciless as the villians he fights. Fight fire with fire right? Well, beyond that I've been playing this pretty cool game on the internet. It's a forum game which I don't usually like, but this one's pretty cool. You post and earn gold to buy items and clothing for your avatar. It's pretty cool and I've enjoyed it. Anyone that wants can play it or if you just want to you can check it out by clicking the picture below.

Gaia Online anime roleplaying community

Enjoy!! Peace out.

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May 02, 2004


      Ok. For those of you that didn't know Jack Black has been a increasing number of movies as of late. Well his latest flop, Envy, is bound to be his downfall. Basically the whole movie is based on dissapearing poo. Yes, dissapearing poo. The rest of the movie is pretty much about his and some other guys friendship. Let me save you a lot of money and say 'Don't see this sh!tacular movie' (there was a joke in there for yah ;-) ) I'll even spend you the hours of grueling boredom. In the end there still friends, their Vapoorize turns out to be poisionous, and they make Flan in a lil squeeze tube thing (flan is just custard with syrup on it). Thats it... half the movie is on guy trying to get rid of/tell Jack Black's charactor that he killed his horse.... I can honestly say that this was the worse movie that I've ever seen, and thats really saying something because I'm even including those late night Cinemax movies and Disney movies. Just save your money and go see Hellboy, at least you'll get some laughs out of that.

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May 01, 2004


      Well, I'm moving soon. Yea.. moving, the experience that we all now and love (dripping with sarcasm, that one). Even though I'll be going to the same school, the location sucks. Behind me I have a really prissy guy with an attitude, not to mention he's an @$$. When some friends where riding there four-wheelers at out house he tried to say that it was HIS.. I'm going to have so much fun with this guy. To our immediate left is an extreme drunk whom I don't think that I'll ever sober. Across the street are some people whom I don't know personally but from what I hear, on saturday nights (or during a NASCAR race) I won't be getting a wink of sleep from all the noise >.< . To our right is ... well... nothing really.. its still that prissy guys property. And all around us.. nothing.. and I mean NOTHING... but minonites. May the goddess help me, I don't know if I'll be able to take it.. all that... country music and and and... (shiver) uniform like dresses and suit like things.

Read more Semi-wh00t-ness Ľ

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